• The activation use of courses to other destinations than the production is one of the most important processes that help spread the culture of e-learning for the largest sector of the students and faculty members at Egyptian universities. The e-course is published  and use for a limited number of students within a specific faculty or university, While the re-use the same e-course in other faculties and universities doubles the number of students who can use this course, which saves time, effort and cost of production and contributes to higher rates of spreading culture among universities
    This has been in previous years is not centrally through sub-production centers in the Egyptian universities without close follow-up of what has been accomplished in each sub-center in this regard. So the National Center has developed mechanisms of action sub-centers to standardization all working style centers and the National Center supervise and direct a resident of what is being done in this regard. The use of this method to the ease of measuring the output of the marketing process and stimulating centers to exert more effort to invite the largest possible number of teachers to participate in the conversion of their courses to electronic format .


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