• In the pursuit for a permanent raise the quality of higher education by publishing e-learning culture in the Egyptian universities, It is necessary to follow up , the Use of faculty members and students of e-course  that have been published in various specializations faculties, where such use is a real indicator of the extent of raising the quality of higher education in Egyptian universities.
    National E-learning Center began calculating rates of use of electronic courses that have been produced and used with students since the first year of implementation of the project in the academic year 2007/2008, It was to follow the usage ratios greater impact in the early detection of constraints and response strategies such as the use of modern content production and increase training courses for beneficiaries to raise awareness of the importance of the use of e-courses. The expense ratios using e-courses is a good indicator to see how willing universities, including faculty members and students to the idea of ​​raising the quality of higher education through the use of e-learning. Has reported these statistics also in the development cycle work at the National Center and sub​​-centers in order to provide better service.


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